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Dew Tour S.L.C.

The Dew Tour at Salt Lake City was pretty amazing. The activity village was loaded with great companies and products. Pros were great spending time doing autograph sessions as well. The weather was awesome, 80 degreesĀ and pure sun. Skateboard Vert finals were the first item on the agenda. We snagged seats that were roped off directly under a t.v. camera …

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Production Ready

We have been working for just over two years to develop, test and refine LiquidRoam’s new creation. We are pleased to announce that RoamBoarding is now a reality. Our first RoamBoard production run is complete making standard and custom RoamBoards ready for sale. Check out a sample of boards and colors above. We travelled to the Nike 6.0 US Open …

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Testing Fun

LiquidRoam has been testing RoamBoard prototypes for almost a year now. We have had so much fun with our prototypes that we got distracted from time to time and just cruised down the street. A RoamBoard is a specific model of a new type of human movement, RoamBoarding! Our first product, the RoamBoard will simply become the most fun anyone …

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