About Us



Peter brings to LiquidRoam an incredible desire to accomplish big things.

Peter is an adventurer that is always up for “what’s next”.  He has attempted a midwinter ascent of 12,700 foot high Mt Borah.  He has masted unicycling as an alternative form of transportation.  He is becoming a self taught musician on the guitar and piano.  His passion for new ideas lead to the original concept of creating a powered casterboard, the birth of LiquidRoam.

Peter is currently enrolled in Electrical Engineering at Boise State University.  He is focusing on energy generation and conversion efficiencies.  He serves a back up to Rob to define electrical strategies and makes component selections.

In addition to engineering, Peter is helping to implement LiquidRoam’s social media campaign.  He creatively leads all video production and oversees all artistic aspects of the business.



Brady brings a passion for the outdoors and a unique engineering background to LiquidRoam.

His hobbies include longboard skateboarding and cross country skiing.  It was a winter skiing expedition into a remote Idaho lake with his wife that gave him an appreciation for the reward of pursuing difficult objectives.  The desolate winter beauty of the lake still guides him, knowing success at LiquidRoam will mean some small success in preserving nature’s beauty.

With a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Idaho, Brady has become the resident expert a developing prototype parts and new manufacturing processes.  He has taken techniques learned while developing carbon fiber tooling to fabricate plastic part prototypes.  He is also leading efforts to implement “micro-manufacturing” at LiquidRoam.

Micro-manufacturing is a strategy that will help LiquidRoam compete successfully utilizing US based manufacturing.

Brady sees working with LiquidRoam as a departure from the ordinary and an opportunity to build a revolutionary product.



Nick defines passion for life.  He spent his youth in the Snake River Canyon, maybe the wildest place in the US, and it was there he discovered his love for motorcycle riding and rock climbing.

Nick continues his love for the outdoors and discovering new things through engineering.  He graduated from Boise State University with a Mechanical Engineering Degree and learned design and CAD modeling while working on complex paving machinery.

Nick is leading the charge at LiquidRoam, modeling and designing all the components that make our BoiseBoard as unique and robust as it is.

Nick’s unique perspective on human movement makes him a valuable member of the engineering team  where we are pushing the boundaries on the way people view transportation.  He is a key member of the team delivering revolutionary sports products that also serve as efficient and environmentally friendly transportation.  We are moving in the future.



Paul rode over 2,500 miles to help found LiquidRoam.  He endured flat tires, torrential downpours, and a night at the Lucky Lizard Motel to join our crew.  He is a senior at the University of Arkansas, majoring in business.  He has an accomplished boat sales career in his portfolio, as well an ongoing t-shirt business.  Paul is already a serial entrepreneur.

Paul has used his ability to connect with customers to define LiquidRoam’s initial marketing strategy.  His strategy involves both personal contact marketing through events, as well as social marketing through the web, Facebook and YouTube.

In addition to strategy, Paul has created all the LiquidRoam marketing graphics.  It is the same tenacious attitude that he showed in coming out to Boise that he used to develop specific graphics techniques while creating awesome product and corporate logos.  Look for them on our products!



Rob brings three key attributes to LiquidRoam.

First and foremost is human / machine interface expertise.  NCAA gymnastics, surfing, unicycling, wakeboarding, snowboarding and riversurfing have all lead Rob to develop a unique insight into human motion and balance.  User interface product design experience in the consumer goods and medical industry provide Rob with the tools to implement creative ideas.

The second key attribute Rob brings to LiquidRoam is battery and motor engineering expertise.  Rob has over fifteen years experience developoing motors, motor driven products, battery packs, and chargers, including working on the world’s first Li Ion power tool.

The third key attribute Rob brings to LiquidRoam is worldwide business expertise.  He has served on multiple business leadership teams.  He has worked through teams around the world to bring products to market in the US, Europe and China.

Rob is excited about using his passion, knowledge, and experience to bring a world class group of products to market that will serve to redefine human movement, while reducing our transportation based carbon pollution.