Maker Faire San Mateo

This year’s Faire at San Mateo was epic.  We arrived early, on Thursday for set up and to get a feel for the layout.  Alysia, Kate, and Tish were awesome getting us located in the electric vehicle area.  We were neighbors with Sway Motorsports and Onewheel, great guys, check them out when you get a chance.

Thursday night we headed over the hill for dinner on the ocean.  Beautiful, cold and windy.  Of course, true to California’s reputation for  individuality, we saw two people walking pet sheep down the boardwalk!?!

We spent Friday setting up our booth as well as helping others and looking around the faire while we had the chance.  We connected with Brook Drum from Printrbot and let him know we are patiently waiting…  Then Friday night we were invited to a Maker Mixer.  It was great to meet others who are pushing innovation into our daily lives.  A huge shout out to Sierra Nevada Brewing for the free beer!

The show started Saturday morning at 10:00am.  There is simply no way we could have anticipated the craziness that surrounded us!  There were two of us to man the booth, and we were swamped with 5 to 15 people at our booth constantly for the next 10 hours!

LiquidRoam draws a crowd

Then by Sunday, which was just as busy, we learned that many attendees had signed liability waivers and wanted to try our RoamBoards.  We were very receptive.  There were long lines every time we offered rides.  Our thanks to everyone’s patience.  I know not all were able to get a demo ride due to time constraints.
Public demo rides for LiquidRoam RoamBoard at Makre Faire San Mateo

Sunday evening came just soon enough, we were exhausted.  After cleaning up and trading rides with other vehicle exhibitors we headed north across the Golden Gate bridge.

Swapping drivers we were able to drive through the night and get back to our beloved Boise.  It’s great to be back and working on filling orders!

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