Dew Tour S.L.C.

The Dew Tour at Salt Lake City was pretty amazing. The activity village was loaded with great companies and products. Pros were great spending time doing autograph sessions as well. The weather was awesome, 80 degrees and pure sun.

Skateboard Vert finals were the first item on the agenda. We snagged seats that were roped off directly under a t.v. camera stand. Our view was directly along a vert wall. The guys were just going off!

Check out Bob Burnquist, the guy just defines smooth in the air! The photo here shows just a small example of how he stays busy during ridiculously long hang times. Saturday evening we got a chance to meet up with Bob. He checked out the RoamBoard we had there.  Yes, that is Bob in the photo up top!  Once Bob got going on the RoamBoard the grin would just not go away.

All in all a great trip.  Everyone we talked to loved our RoamBoard!