Production Ready

We have been working for just over two years to develop, test and refine LiquidRoam’s new creation. We are pleased to announce that RoamBoarding is now a reality. Our first RoamBoard production run is complete making standard and custom RoamBoards ready for sale. Check out a sample of boards and colors above. We travelled to the Nike 6.0 US Open Surf Contest to introduce RoamBoarding to the world. There was an amazing response. Everyone from 10 year old kids to WWII veterans were transfixed by the concept and bleeding edge technology.

RoamBoarding is simply insanely fun stand up transportation. We have combined technology from the electric skateboard, bicycle, snowboarding, and automotive industries to create a boarding sensation that can only be described as Roamboarding. Check out our YouTube channel to see the fun waiting to be had.