Testing Fun

LiquidRoam has been testing RoamBoard prototypes for almost a year now. We have had so much fun with our prototypes that we got distracted from time to time and just cruised down the street. A RoamBoard is a specific model of a new type of human movement, RoamBoarding!

Our first product, the RoamBoard will simply become the most fun anyone can have moving from point A to point B. We have reinvented stand up boarding. We will be sharing our innovations through continued blogs and sections on our technology page. Look for new additions frequently. Though know that there is no one innovation that makes RoamBoarding a total stoke. The magic is in the thousands of design details that make our RoamBoards flow.

As fun as it has been, our testing is complete and we are beginning to commercialize our RoamBoards. Follow our progress as we order tooling, fixtures and parts to build and share our RoamBoards.